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Dat Follow Through


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Following through and finishing things was certainly not Brian’s forte in life. His desire for perfection was rarely satisfied, as is the lot for all perfectionists. Striving for perfection can bring one a lot of misery but it can also lead to monumental success. Here is an excerpt from on the Follow Through and Finish of a golf swing.

Follow Through
The next stage of the swing is called the follow through, or finish. You allow the momentum of your swing to carry you through impact, the club-head speed generated by the breaking of the wrists. As you go in to the follow through, your club should continue on plane (that invisible circle around your body), the club shaft going up and in. Your hips and shoulders will rotate towards the target as your spine rotates away from the target. At the finish, your torso and waist should be pointed towards the target. On a good follow through, the hands should be up by the ear.

I am no golf expert but I would say this swing is “picture perfect!”

I can see a wonderful analogy for life in this image. Keep your feet on the ground, let your momentum carry you through, and always keep your eyes on the prize!

-Mike Van Dusen