Little League
  • The pictures are of Brian’s last Christmas. I had so much hope for him that night. He had been thru such a horrible year and he seemed to be coming out of it with the anticipation of a better year to come. But as we know, those hopes soon turned into fear, then to desperation, then to despair, and finally to desolation. I will always remember Brian that Christmas because he was alive, vibrant, and beautiful. I miss my Son.

  • What an awesome way to celebrate Brian’s life. I remember all of those rants of his and at the time I’d be thinking “awww shit here we go again”, but now I’d give anything to be able to sit and listen to his rants. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about and miss my one true best friend. Doozy I hope you’re looking down and proud of what I’ve done in life. Some of the best memories in my life were with the brother I never had. Brian you are always with me.

  • I’m so late to this site but am so happy I found it. It was in my apartment where the video about energy was recorded. He was such a magnificent human being. I miss his incessant rants about life, Cat O, among other things. I hope you keep adding to this. I have more pictures of him. Please send me an email if you’d like them